Welcome to our online Galleries

Please browse at leisure and without interruption

Just click on the menus on the right hand side to view galleries of previous commissions to get some ideas of your own.

Our online store can be found at

Selling Personalised Gifts to order in Laser engraving and Pyrography …. Your Gift is only limited by your Imagination

What could be nicer than having a gift made specifically for you.
You can always have a design made up before ordering at no obligation to buy


You can have anything you like on any of our products – within reason. It would be a bit difficult to get a picture ot the Sistine Chapel ceiling on an egg cup! And we only do ‘family safe’ images.

Our Gifts are generally laser engraved but if you wanted the whole thing hand drawn in pyrography to give a real hand-crafted look, as some of the examples show on this website, then please ask.

Also, if you wanted to commission a bespoke item, in a larger and more complicated design, such as a house portrait or guitar, then please go to the contact form, you’ll be also be able to upload any image(s) you want used

We also perform the odd miracle if you need something in a hurry.


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